Selecting the Right Mattress Topper

Most people know that washing a memory foam mattress topper is not easy. The material is not absorbent enough to allow you to just toss it in the washer and dryer. Most people would rather just throw their mattress toppers in the garbage instead of cleaning them properly.


While you could probably toss your whole bedding and pillowcases into the washing machine, you can’t clean your memory foam mattress topper with the same method. The material quickly becomes damaged or torn by the washing machine’s heat. Use one or several of these following steps as the case may dictate.

First, never put memory foam mattresses or pillows in your dryer. Dryer heat will damage the surface. Also, the heat will make the mattresses more fluffy and can cause them to break down further.

If you must wash a memory foam mattress topper, follow the same guidelines for washing your regular mattress. Vacuum the bottom layers first and then work your way up using the gentle cycle on the attachment of your vacuum cleaner. This is the most effective way to remove all dust and debris from these specially designed layers.

You might also be interested in knowing which is the best temperature to wash your memory foam mattress topper in. You may find that heat harms your new bedding. The best temperature for this purpose would be to place your mattress directly on an incline; however, as with traditional memory foam mattresses, the best temperature to place it on is flat.

After you have thoroughly cleaned your topper and mattress, you are ready to go to bed. If your memory foam mattress is new, start by lowering the thermostat to the lowest setting and leave it there for at least a full day. Allow the foam to acclimate to its new temperature. Then you may begin to slowly raise the temperature, depending on your comfort level.

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One advantage of memory foam made pillows is that they can be used for years to come. Unlike traditional mattresses, they do not lose their memory foam properties and become damaged easily. However, the memory foam mattress toppers are not immune to damage. If spills occur on them, make sure to clean them up immediately to avoid staining or permanent staining. Also, be careful not to spray water or other liquids on them as they can also become damaged.

Another advantage of a bed-in-a-box is the ability to save money. The toppers are usually about three times cheaper than memory foam mattresses. Also, because there are no springs in the toppers, they do not need to be replaced as often. Also, if the box becomes slightly worn out, you can just remove it and replace it with a new one. This makes them a popular option for many memory foam mattress topper shoppers.

Back Problems

For those who have problems with their back, a memory foam mattress topper can be a great solution. As long as you keep your body weight at about fifty pounds and you are not sleeping on your stomach or back, you will not have any problems with these toppers. They work well with any height, including traditional and memory foam mattress toppers.

Some Tips

Unfortunately, not all memory foam products are eco-friendly. Some memory foam products contain emissions that can off-gas some allergens and irritants. If you suffer from allergies, asthma, or any other respiratory condition, be sure to check the labels of any memory foam mattress topper you are considering purchasing. Also, remember that memory foam is not completely safe. Off-gassing of memory foam can cause a condition called “refreshing.” Although this can be remedied by keeping body temperature at a normal level, the chemicals that off-gas can contribute to a more serious condition known as “acne.”

As we have discussed, memory foam mattresses come in a variety of shapes. Some memory foam mattresses are contoured in one way and then contoured in another way. There are even memory foam mattresses that combine two different types of contouring. Whether your memory foam mattress is shaped like a traditional spring mattress, or like a pocket springs mattress, or if it is shaped like a soft wedge, it will provide you with comfort and support.

There are several things to consider when selecting the best memory foam mattress topper. Do your research; know what you want out of your memory foam mattress. How does your body vary on an individual basis? What height will provide you with the most comfort? Consider your weight and posture, and then address the issues that are important to you.…

Benefits of Using a Cooling Mattress Pad Or Mattress Topper

Have you been thinking about buying a cooling mattress pad? If you have, then you should know that there are many different types of these pads that you can purchase. However, many of them look the same, so how do you know what is the best cooling mattress pad for you? Here are some tips that you can use to help you decide.

A cooling mattress pad can help to reduce or eliminate the chemicals in your mattress and help to move around more comfortably during the night. However, not all of these products are created equally. There are many different types of chemical mattresses pads, so doing a little research is what it takes to find out what you need. Knowing what you’re looking for can help narrow the search down quite a bit. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when it comes to what is the best cooling mattress pad.

The first thing that you need to think about is quality. Think about what you’re going to be using this pad for. Are you just looking to provide extra comfort or are you using it in an environment where it is going to be exposed to chemicals or harmful vapours? In these cases, it’s usually best to pick a product with higher quality for the sake of your health. Some of the best quality cooling mattress toppers and sheets for use in these types of situations include the following:

  • Natural cotton. One of the best quality materials that you can buy for a cooling mattress pad is cotton. Not only is cotton natural but it also breathes well. It helps to get rid of moisture that can cause some serious problems. If you aren’t sure which one is best for you, go with natural cotton. These tend to be a little bit more expensive, though they will end up being a better value in the long run.
  • Wicks away heat. A down mattress pad allows heat to escape quickly so that you can get a good night’s sleep. If the material is too thick, heat cannot escape as fast. This causes you to feel uncomfortable as soon as you get out of bed. The best ones have a special place on the down which provides a wick away system that allows heat to escape quickly.
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  • Ease of care. If you have to change out your mattress topper often, then you want something easy to wash and clean. These pads are not going to hold up to rigorous cleaning efforts like regular mattress pads do. If you are having problems with spills, stains, and other problems, then you might want to consider getting a mattress topper with removable liners. Just make sure that you get a liner that is meant for this purpose so that you don’t end up wasting money and resources on replacing them over again.
  • Comfortable sleep environment. If you feel as though you haven’t appreciated your comfortable bedroom much, then perhaps a cooling mattress pad could do you some good. Your body is what matters in a comfortable sleep environment. A cooling mattress pad can help you get a better night’s sleep no matter what other conditions you may be experiencing.

The biggest benefit of these particular liners is that they provide a way for you to control the temperature in your bed. This provides a very comfortable sleep environment that you will appreciate when you wake up the next morning. They also provide a very cooling effect that can help you feel refreshed after a long, hard day at work or whatever you have to do before you can go to sleep. If you have a good night’s sleep, then you will be able to focus on the things that are important to you instead of just dwelling on your discomfort. If you would like to enjoy a more restful sleep at night, then purchasing a high-quality mattress topper would be in your best interest.…