A Guide to Selecting a Hybrid Mattress

hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses have become the newest trend in high-end sleep systems. These hybrid products utilize the best elements of both memory foam and latex mattresses, creating a product that is much more comfortable than either of these two alone. What are some of the benefits of owning a hybrid mattress? Let’s take a look at several.


There is no doubt that a hybrid mattress offers greater comfort than a traditional memory or latex mattress. This is because they provide an excellent amount of support for your back while you are sleeping. They do this without adding additional bulk to your body, as is common with most other types of mattresses. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, are known for their heavy-duty, slow-meltdown density, making a sinking, stinging feeling not everybody can get behind.

A good mattress is a great investment for anyone who is seeking relief from back pain. It is a common misconception that only those people who suffer from extreme back pain should sleep on a foam or latex mattress. A good mattress is a great choice for just about anybody, especially if the person is healthy. Even those with minor back pains can reap the benefits of a good mattress, and so a hybrid mattress is a good choice for anyone looking for comfort and relief from lower back pain.


To choose the right mattress, you need to understand the differences between the traditional memory foam mattress and the hybrid. First, they have different densities. A traditional memory foam mattress is thicker and is much more firm. This is the mattress most people sleep on when they experience moderate to heavy back pain. Because it is more firm, it does not provide the same support as the hybrid.

hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress is made with open cell technology. Open cells make hybrid mattresses a better choice for those who are trying to relieve pressure points in the body. The open cells also allow air to circulate within the mattress, which is a good thing when you are sleeping on top of them because the heat can be uncomfortable. Pocketed coils make hybrid mattresses a better choice for those who suffer from chronic back pain. The coils allow heat to escape from beneath the body, thus keeping the individual cool throughout the night.

Types of Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses come in two types, traditional and memory. Traditional hybrids are constructed with all the same components like the memory types. The only difference is that the materials and the number of springs are the same. Pocketed coils and sag springs are the components that separate the hybrid mattresses from the traditional mattresses. Swivel technology is used to help with reducing sag and creating a softer feel.

There is a science to selecting a hybrid mattress. You want to find one that is made with open cell technology and has a pocketed coil construction. The open cells allow more air circulation, which is a good thing when you are sleeping on top of them. The sag springs in memory foam mattresses provide increased support to the ribs and your back. The combination of the two will give you support that is second to none. There is a wide selection of innerspring mattresses available, but the hybrid mattresses provide the best comfort and support.

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